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Disposables vs. Mods

Here at Mi Vape Co we strive to create a cigarette free world! 

Vaping comes in many different forms. There is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for convenience of use with a disposable or you're a cloud chaser who loves the classic box Mod...the options are endless! 

Disposables give consumers the ultimate gift of convenience but can do some damage to your wallet. Disposables can easily rack up a bill of over $100-$300+ a month, meaning you are truly paying for the convenience factor with a prefilled disposable device. 

Mod kits are the most reliable and cost-effective way to vape. Mod kits allow for more versatility, with adjustable wattages, different coils and endless juice options. Mod kits cost a fraction of disposables, averaging around $30-$60 a month for the juice and coils to be maintained.

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