Mivapeco Puffco Image


Looking to up your concentrate game? Puffco has been improving consumers concentrate use with a cleaner, tastier, more pure smoking experience with little to no learning curve.  Puffco prides themselves on their products being made in-house by a specially selected design team, while using high-grade craftsmanship and no glues, fibers, or chemicals between you and those satisfying puffs. Puffco lives up to their reputation of high-quality smoke out of their high-quality devices! Puffco has a standard for bringing the best of the best to the cannabis industry, everyone else is just trying to catch up. 

Puffco products have graced our shelves for years now, creating unique top of the line products. Puffco has a variety of product that can satisfy a variety of smokers needs.  Some of Puffcos number one 'go-to's' for concentrate users is the Puffco Plus Pen, Puffco Peak Pro, or their latest and greatest Puffco Proxy. Puffco has started dabbling in creating products for flower enthusiasts, such as the Puffco Budsy or the Puffco Cupsy, alongside customizable attachments for existing pieces to use cannabis in virtually every way you can smoke.

That's right! Puffco has a little bit of everything for everyone! 

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