The Puffco Proxy
Reinventing Old-School Cool

When it comes to the brands we love here at MiVapeCo., Puffco comes out on top! We are a proud authorized retailer for Puffco’s premium product line. Ask any team member in our shops, Puffco’s products can be found on our shelves and at home in their personal collections!

    From their first products we’ve carried, Puffco has shown off their expert craftsmanship in creating unique and powerful concentrate devices. Their latest addition to their already impressive selection is the Puffco Proxy, a unique concentrate vaporizer that has a delicately crafted glass pipe housing. The Puffco Proxy combines the sleek, classic look of Sherlock-styled tobacco pipes with state-of-the-art heating technology to bring users satisfying hits and flavorful smoke. This modern take on an old-school favorite is bound to change the dabbing game!

    The Proxy sets the stage for the latest innovation from the Puffco Team in its use of their 3D-Chamber coils. These advanced coil wells are embedded with heating wires all throughout its easy to fill dish, and promise true efficiency with your wax and consistent, powerful draws every time. The Proxy operates on four heat settings: blue (505°F), green (520°), red (545°), and white (560°). Even at its lowest temp, the Proxy will still provide full-bodied smoke and flavor with these powerful chambers!

Every aspect of the Puffco Proxy is designed with satisfaction and safety in mind; from safe-coated glass made to withstand the hottest dabs to safety locks to keep prying paws off your device, Puffco looks out for their enjoyers to bring top-of-the-line smoke quality to you!

If you’re new to the dab game, take comfort in the ease of design from Puffco’s latest device. The Proxy is designed with a natural fit in mind, making for an easy transition for flowerheads to try dabs for the first time! With straightforward, simple functionality, the Proxy keeps it simple and newbie-friendly, making it twice as fun to pass. The Puffco Proxy comes equipped with a durable shell case for on-the-go dabs and can be used with pass-through charging with any Type-C USB cable.

With nifty accessories like the Proxy Travel Pack, The Proxy becomes an unstoppable portable force, sure to liven any get-together or outing! There are also various attachments available for the Proxy like The Bub Water Bubbler, Proxy Ballcap & Tether, and the Proxy Flowerbowl to bring even more versatility to your device with water filtration, improved airflow, and classic hand pipe functionality. The Proxy’s ability to be more than its base design proves that Puffco is light years ahead of its competition in their premium designs that combine aesthetic and function.

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