Safer with Synthetics: The Science behind Tobacco-Free Nicotine

Safer with Synthetics: The Science behind Tobacco-Free Nicotine

If you vape, you most likely started doing so to quit smoking cigarettes. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave tobacco fully behind you? While plenty of brands still use tobacco-derived nicotine for their E-liquids, more and more of our popular lines are transitioning to synthetic Tobacco-Free Nicotine (TFN). If you spot TFN or NTD (non-tobacco derived) on your favorite bottle of juice, you might already be vaping synthetic nicotine!

Trust us, here at MiVapeCo., we are always fans of the natural route of consumable products, but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating the chemical craft behind synthetic products that can guarantee a purer experience! Synthetic nicotine helps us strive towards our mission of a tobacco and cigarette-free world by forgoing the tobacco in e-liquid altogether!

Most freebase e-liquid will typically contain pharmaceutical-grade nicotine that has been extracted from tobacco through a chemical distillation process that can yield up to 99.9% purity and is called Tobacco-Derived Nicotine (TDN). This nicotine is then combined with a liquid concentrate of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), as well as any flavoring combinations you can imagine! While vaping this type of liquid, there is always the risk of the occasional impurity from distilling that can taint the taste and quality of e-liquid. Tobacco-derived juices are also still subject to containing TSNAs, or tobacco specific nitrosamines. These are the main carcinogen found in tobacco and can be found in small amounts in TDN. TSNAs are formed when tobacco leaves are grown, cured, aged, and processed. Tobacco products can contain different amounts of TSNAs, depending on how they are made, but any product developed with tobacco has the risk of containing TSNAs.

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Synthetic nicotine, on the other hand, is a synthesized form of nicotine produced in FDA approved facilities with absolutely no tobacco constituents. This allows for synthetic nicotine to be over 99% pure and lacks the impurities found in Tobacco Derived Nicotine. Because it is not sourced from tobacco, TFN is odorless and tasteless, and won’t affect the quality of your juice. Synthetic nicotine has the same molecular structure and is made from the same chemicals as nicotine and can be added just the same as tobacco-derived to any e-liquid. When using a product utilizing synthetic nicotine, there would be zero exposure to TSNAs, alleviating a number of health risks associated with tobacco. Though the accessibility to TFN has grown, the science isn’t new, and tobacco-free nicotine has been safely studied and synthesized since the 1960s!

Though it may be a common misconception, in small quantities, nicotine doesn’t present any untoward dangers to your health. Nicotine is known for being highly addictive though, and as such, should be treated with care. TFN is just as addictive as regular nicotine and is subject to the same regulations as tobacco-derived nicotine by the FDA. The FDA regulates all nicotine products synthetic or naturally derived, though different regulatory schemes apply depending on where the nicotine came from. Products containing tobacco or tobacco-derived nicotine must go through the Center for Tobacco Products, while nicotine-containing products that aren’t tobacco-derived go through the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research approval process for safety and effectiveness.

As we move forward, more and more changes will come to the vaping world as we find cleaner, safer alternatives from tobacco. Shop our e-liquid and explore your options in-store or online today!

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