SMOK Nord 50w: Innovation in Action

SMOK Nord 50w: Innovation in Action

It’s time for a new vape device, and you need an all-day, all-around companion that can outlast your busy shifts with smooth, satisfying hits to keep you trekking on. You won’t have to look far here on MiVapeCo’s shelves! We are proud retailers of SMOK, one of the leading vaping brands in the world, and carry all they have to offer, like their latest and greatest device: the SMOK Nord 50w Kit! SMOK is an internationally recognized brand that keeps up with the latest in vape technology and introduces groundbreaking innovation to the industry, and they showcase that hard work in their devices!

The SMOK Nord 50w is intentionally designed with all vapers in mind! Whether you need something to satisfy those hits between breaks or something with durability made to last, the latest to SMOK’s Nord collection is sure to get your bases covered, all while catering to your preferences. SMOK promises that their craftsmanship is “Classic and iconic outside, intelligent and powerful inside”, and it shows in their many stylish designs available and versatility in coil options! With over 15 designs in our stores, it’s easy to find a long-lasting vape that fits your look AND your needs!

Sleek, powerful, and flexible, the Nord 50w doesn’t disappoint with its inner mechanisms either.  The Nord 50w is constructed with durable zinc-alloy, made to last and to outstand light falls and drops and bring easy portability to its users. It also comes equipped with a powerful 5-50W output range, integrated 1800mAh rechargeable battery, and an adjustable airflow control ring.
The Nord 50w is capable of MTL-style vaping, big direct-to-lung clouds, and more to suit your needs at the wattage required. The Nord is also capable of holding a 4.5mL fill with its two pods, designed with compatibility in mind for the LP2 and nord Coil Series to deliver superior flavor and coil options with fewer refills. 

You can further customize your hit on the Nord 50w with its easily adjustable airflow control. The air intakes on both sides can be adjusted by moving the air switch on the back of the device, which helps achieve your ideal vaping style with the most mellow flavors imaginable.

 Those hits will last you all day with the built-in 1800mAh battery capacity on the Nord 50w! The rechargeable battery offers a high degree of usage and can last you throughout the day without any issues. Powered by USB-C charging, this vape reaches full charge quicker than ever! 

The Nord 50w is versatile, and capable of fulfilling your vape needs and beyond. We recommend SMOK’s best in show for newcomers, daily vapers, those looking to better their vaping experience, and those who enjoy the full range of flavors and strengths available on our shelves. Be limitless in your selection and take a drag off the Nord 50w today, available for online pickup or in store!

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