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Starting at 12mg: Quit by the cigarette, not the pack!

Put down that cigarette for good! Did you know vaping nicotine is proven to be one of the most effective ways to quit smoking? In our efforts to make a tobacco-free world, our team at MiVapeCo. Is full of former cigarette smokers who used vaping to make their departure from tobacco! Vaping nicotine isn’t just effective for getting you your fix without the harmful chemicals in cigarettes but is also one of the only ways to satisfy that hand-to-mouth habits that can be more addictive than your chemical dependence. 

Did you know the average cigarette is around 12mg of nicotine, but a pack of cigarettes contains roughly only 35mg of nicotine? That’s because over the time it takes to smoke, nicotine is lost to the burn of a cigarette and to the 3,000+ harmful ingredients alongside it. When you vape, you get all your nicotine cleanly and directly, leaving you more satisfied with your intake than your daily pack. If you’re getting ready to quit smoking, try taking control of your intake per cigarette, rather than managing at pack strength. We have a number of brands that can start off at 12mg, and many offer classic tobacco flavors for an easier transition from your favorite Marlboro or Newport. A fan favorite in our stores is Naked 100’s Cuban Blend e-liquid, which we proudly carry in all available strengths for sub-ohm vaping and salt nicotine! 

When faced with the question of whether to choose the low-strength version of a flavor or the Nicotine Salt version, the main question to ask yourself is whether you enjoy a stronger throat hit versus a smoother throat hit, and just how high in nicotine concentration you would like to go. Even at the highest 50mg, nicotine salts have a tendency to feel like half the amount of nicotine due to the effect of the nicotine salt compound. To avoid overconsumption than what is needed, we always recommend starting at your lowest possible strength! 

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With a tobacco-flavored juice at 12mg, you can receive the same output you were used to from cigarettes without the harmful tar and tobacco wearing you down. The option to decrease from there, or even increase your nicotine strength with Nic Pack Additives in store, is yours, but this is ideally where smokers will feel the most relief from their cravings.  12mg will give its users the satisfaction of a throat-burn similar to cigarettes and will sate the urge to go out for a smoke. For new vapers, there may be a period where you are both smoking and vaping. This is normal and can take two to three months to be completely off cigarettes, but it is all a part of your journey to go cigarette free! With these easier transitioning steps, it is key to not reduce frequency or nicotine levels until you feel you won’t go back to smoking and won’t have to puff more to compensate.

MiVapeCo. Dreams of a cigarette-free world, and that change comes with our clients looking to join us on our journey away from tobacco. If you feel ready to quit smoking, check out our wide selection of options to get you to quit on your terms, and shop online or in-store to kick the habit today! 

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