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What is Salt Nicotine?

Salt Nicotine, or Salt Nic-has been rapidly gaining popularity these past few years. Salt Nicotine has a high absorption rate allowing it to easily pass through the body's barriers and get to the receptors, delivering nicotine in a more efficient manner. This results in less puffs for a similar effect when compared to Freebase E-liquid. 

Salt Nic has a higher ratio of nicotine per ml of juice, typically in the ranges of 15mg-55mg Nicotine. Whereas Freebase E-Liquid is typically 3mg-12mg Nicotine. Because of the additional acids that are added to Salt Nicotine, the vaping experience is much smoother even though the nicotine comes in a higher milligram strength.

Salt Nicotine is meant to be vaped with a low wattage device, such as pod systems. Some popular pod systems that support Salt Nicotine are the SMOK Nord 50w kit, Uwell Caliburn A2 kit or the VooPoo Argus Air kit. The options for vaping salt nicotine are endless! 


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