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Crop Kingz

Crop Kingz - Organic Hemp Wraps

Crop Kingz - Organic Hemp Wraps

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Available for Pickup only. Check the availability at your closest store.

Homegrown - Plain / Unflavored

Sizzurp - Grape Syrup + Hard Candy

Brass Monkey - Malt Liquor + Orange Juice

Irish Cream - Irish Cream Liqueur

Jungle Juice - HoneyDew Strawberry

Thug Passion - PassionFruit Liquor + Champagne

Crop Kingz premium hemp wraps have a self-sealing glue strip. Crop Kingz premium hemp wraps are specially designed to be super sticky and easy to use. It is made of non-toxic Arabic gum. The glue strip is pressure-activated and does not require any extra moisture! No licking needed! ;) Just remove the protective liner and roll a fatty.

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