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Cyclones - Clear Cones

Cyclones - Clear Cones

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- Grape Nothing like a delicious concord grape to elevate that smoking session.

- Pimpershnaps flavored with delicious peach and mint flavors. A tasty way to infuse some personality into your roll.

- Blueberry This flavor is extra sweet, with an explosive mouth watering flavor.

- Strawberry A little sweet, a little tart, a lotta tasty! These are the perfect way to sweeten up your next smoke sesh

- Klear These bad boys are unflavored and burn exceptionally cleanly, so the only thing you’ll be tasting is the true, unadulterated flavor of your favorite herbal blend.

- Tiki Tango Is a wonderful blend of tangerine, mango, and vanilla.

- The Purple Unknown With hints of juicy fruit and sweet, cool mint, are a deliciously puzzling partner to any and all of your favorite herbal blend.

- Rock Star Packed with ‘cola’ flavor for a unique smoke that’s sure to impress veteran smokers and newbies alike.

Made using natural cotton cellulose, glycerin, and water, these cones are completely transparent. Don't confuse these with rolling papers or cigarette tubes, these provide a smoking experience more like smoking a pipe. With their much slower and even burn, these make the perfect cones for your favorite smoking medium.
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