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Hella Cloudz

Hella Cloudz - Delta 8 Cartridge

Hella Cloudz - Delta 8 Cartridge

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John Smith
Pineapple Express Cart

I bought this from a vape shop. It says on the front that it’s a delta-8 hybrid, but on the back, under ingredients, it says “hexahydrocannabinol”. So which one is it? The high is decent but I don’t know if it feels like delta-8 or not.

Great Product

I am a little/moderate smoker and this is amazing! No paranoid/anxiety feeling. Just feel euphoric and relaxed. I love that I can buy this at the local gas station 24/7.
Side note: I am having trouble sleeping and this helps so so so much. It is amazing for sleep WITHOUT the Benadryl feeling the next morning . Thank you!!

Do not buy this Ian even get high waste off 30$

Terrible not even thc

Daniel h.
I have a question

Can you ship the product to another state instead of pick up?

Hi Daniel!

Thanks for your interest in our product, unfortunately we are not able to ship out of state. We hope to see you soon!

michael k.
cookie kush

i ordered it i dont even get high bro

Thank you for your reply. We are sorry to hear the Hella Clouds wasn't up to your expectations. Try CBD PHARM Delta8 concentrate next time. Clients report higher satisfaction with that brand.

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