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Mi Alt

99 Cent Papers

99 Cent Papers

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Variety of rolling papers for 99 cents.

EZ Wider - E-Z Wider rolling papers are created with one thought in mind: ease of rolling. These fine, French papers come from the European factories in Belgium. Each rolling paper is high quality and as good as the last. They are not too thin or too thick, making them easy to roll for beginners. They burn clean with minimal ash. E-Z Wider rolling papers are some of the most popular rolling papers on the market, known worldwide for their quality rice rolling paper. You won't find a more even burn- -- try these rolling papers today!

Nat•U•Roll - Nat-U-Roll papers are high-quality papers at an affordable price. The Original Classic papers are unbleached and unrefined, giving them a smooth, natural taste that is sure to mix well with your smoking herbs. The 100% natural gum strip ensures that the papers won’t come apart once rolled. Buy some of these papers today and see their quality for yourself!

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