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Budsy VS. Cupsy: Which Puffco Will YOU Choose?

Budsy Vs. Cupsy 
Who to take on your next adventure? 

Puffco is great at delivering quality smoke, even in their non-electric devices! MiVapeCo. is happy to introduce their latest herb waterpipes to our shelves. The Puffco Budsy and Puffco Cupsy are both designed for portable, classic flower smoke, but offer different takes on design, features, and material to bring you those great tokes your way! Get to know Budsy and Cupsy and see how they differ and where they share Puffco’s vision! 
The Cupsy is Puffco’s latest edition to their non-electric collection. It’s discreet design makes it easily mistaken for an unassuming coffee cup, but don't be fooled! Puffco is bringing a whole new meaning to the term “coffee break”! While the Cupsy is a high performance cannabis bubbler system, it can hide its powerful capabilities well in its compact design. It features a ceramic bowl for lighting your favorite herbs that easily tucks away into its silicone, heat resistant lid. The Cupsy also utilizes its stainless steel cup to house its bubbling feature to bring the most out of each bowl you pack! Puffco promises top-quality with Gambit Pulsar calibration and state-of-the-art remulators with the Cupsy, bringing you the ideal portability without compromising on experience.
If the Cupsy doesn’t bubble your interest, go all out with the Budsy instead! The Puffco Budsy includes all the same great features as the Cupsy in its low-key, everyday design, convenient compartments, and quality from the top down, and satisfies in its own unique way!  The Budsy has a very incognito water-bottle appearance, making it perfectly discreet to bring along your outdoor adventures. The material used for the Budsy is BPA-free and features robust, shatter-resistant Tritan construction that can withstand all sorts of drops and falls. The vapor quality on the Budsy is flavorful and dense, and is made even better with water filtration! Its unique percolator still works into its intentional design, and it’s both tall and heavy-duty when filled to its 420mL ideal. The Budsy makes the perfect companion for outdoor trips. All of its components are also dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup! 
Through combining creative design and all-time convenience, both the lightweight Cupsy and heavy-duty Budsy make for great companions for your traveling smoke sessions. With the discretion of being a companion to your morning brew, the Cupsy is ideal for those looking for a quick, satisfying fix. For those looking for a denser smoking experience, go big with Budsy! Puffco always offers the best ways to amp up your cannabis enjoyment. Smoke the difference with MiVapeCo. And check out their full selection today! 
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