SMOK: Innovation Keeps Changing the Vaping Experience

SMOK: Innovation Keeps Changing the Vaping Experience


 Smok: Innovating The Quitting Game 

Chances are if you vape, you're familiar with the brand Smok!  Smok is an internationally acclaimed vape device manufacturer who has made some of the most popular devices we carry at in our stores, and with awards earned around the world from Egypt, Spain, and European trade shows, their incredible devices have become a staple to MiVapeCo. and the vaping industry as a whole. We are a proud verified retailer for all they bring to the vaping world! SMOK has been a part of MiVapeCo.'s selection since our doors opened in 2015. One major goal Mi Vape Co. and SMOK® share is to empower our consumers to live a healthier life and enjoy a healthier alternative to tobacco. Healthier and happier consumers are our passion! 

Smok is a household name in the vaping industry, and for good reason! Smok’s infamous tagline of “Innovation Keeps Changing the Vaping Experience” is definitely one that this brand sticks to when it comes to the creative and powerful products we carry! Their versatile device lineup offers vaping solutions for all kinds of nicotine and wattage outputs, and their popularity ensures that their components are easy to find no matter where you are, but especially within our stores! Smok devices are often cross-compatible with new and old coils, helping their regular vapers keep their devices longer on their favorite outputs!

If vaping were a sport, Smok is the all-around player you want on your team! With devices ranging from the mighty and dependable Smok Arcfox, that can withstand the daily scuffs and bumps of your busy day-to-day, to discreet but powerful pens like the Smok Novo 2s, there's something for everyone in their collections!

 Smok offers vapers the biggest clouds to the smallest puffs, and everything in between, and with devices like the Smok Nord 50W, your device can make that journey through all your changes in preferences with numerous versatility and customization options available in store. 

SMOK® is the perfect choice for hobbyist vapers, former smokers, hard workers, discreet puffers, and everyone in between! Shop their full selection here for mobile pick-up, or ask any teammate in store to see the wide variety they offer and find your best fit today!

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