Dabbing: High Temp VS. Low Temp

Dabbing: High Temp VS. Low Temp

Concentrates, or more commonly known as Dabs, have become one of the more sought-after forms of cannabis consumption. Dabs can be consumed in many different ways, whether you enjoy the process of using a rig, or an electronic concentrate device, dabs can be for everyone! Did you know that there are 2 different temperature ranges that distinguish if you're taking a high temp dab or a low temp dab? 

What is High Temp Dabbing? A Dab that is consumed at 390–400°F is considered High temp dabbing. Dabbing at this temp range allows the consumer to enjoy the effects of their dab in a quick and efficient way. Some of the downsides of high temp dabbing is the effects of the terpenes diminish with high heat, meaning you sacrifice the additional benefits of terpenes in your dab. It's important to be aware of how hot you're taking your dab, since once plant-based oils reach 392 °F, harmful compounds such as Benzene and Naphthalene are at risk of being produced and potentially consumed.

We talked about some key points with High Temp dabs...What distinguishes a low temp dab? Dabbing at or lower than 300 °F is considered low temp dabbing. Dabbing at such low temps has a variety of pros and cons. Firstly, low temp dabbing has maximum flavor, giving the consumer all of the benefits of the plant's natural terpenes. While High temp dabbing allows the consumer to feel the effects almost immediately, the effects wear off quicker. Where low temp dabs are not as intense of an effect as high temp, low temp dabbing has a more prolonged effect. Many believe that the prolonged effects of Low temp dabbing have to do with the entourage effect from consuming cannabinoids and terpenes. 

We offer a variety of options for both high temp and low temp dabbers: Check out our Huni badger kit or Seahorse Pro Plus kit to have the best of both worlds with options of High temp and Low temp dabs!

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Dabbing: High Temp VS. Low Temp

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