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High Hemp

High Hemp - Organic Hemp Wraps

High Hemp - Organic Hemp Wraps

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- Original Have the smooth taste of traditional hemp with the even slow burn of a traditional wrap.

- Honey Pot Swirl With a sweet graham cracker and honey enjoy the flavor of natural substitute honey.

- Grapeape Mix an array of different types of grapes; like Candice, Autumn Royale, and Concord. This fusion of grapes creates the unique flavor.

- Mauimango Instantly fall in love with the aroma of natural mangos and imagine you're on beach.

- Hydro Lemonade With natural extracts, they accomplished very soothing splashes of lemon aroma. You'll feel like you're squeezing out fresh lemons with every roll.

- Blazin Cherry Enjoy an amazing blast of real cherry flavor compared to biting into a ripe cherry picked right from the tree.

- Bare Berry With the natural extracts of California raspberries, bluberries, and blackberries enjoy a very berry taste.

- Pineapple Paradise With a smooth tropical aroma you'll quickly fall in love. Using only natural pineapple flavor.

-Banana Goo Newest flavor with the most hype. With a hint of banana candy and natural banana flavoring, this wrap will definitely give you tropical vibes.

- Hubba Bubba A classic bubble gum flavor to surely bring you back to your childhood when things were simple and sweet.

- Dutch Cream Using natural vanilla extract roll up sweet deliciousness and feel like waking up in Amsterdam.

- Baked Cookies With the most appetizing scent a delctable Chocolate Chip flavoring, sure to take you back to your Grandmothers kitchen on Sunday afternoon.

- Area 51 When you try this your senses are abducted by the aroma of farm fresh green apples with the mouth-watering ZAP of sour green apple flavored candy.

- Flora Passion This unique exotic gives you a pleasantly tangy and tart aroma with a hint of sweetness. Derived from a fruit that grows among flowers.

High Hemp Organic Wraps is the first-ever Hemp Herbal Wrap, made from sustainably grown European hemp. Imported from the Netherlands, this is the best alternative to all the harsh toxic ingredients used in traditional wraps today.High Hemp Organic Wraps is certified organic, tobacco-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free. 
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